faux fur

Wooden flooring

Kanecaron® is the brand name of a range of modified acrylic (modacrylic) fibres made from copolymers of acrylonitrile and other materials such as vinylidene chloride. Kanecaron fibres offer excellent resilience, a wide variety of colours, fine and coarse fibres while still maintaining a super soft handle and a natural lustre.

  • This is a superior fibre type for the production of high pile fabrics.
  • Modacrylic fibre increases the quality of handle, drape and the flame retardancy of the fabric.
  • Flexible and diverse range of fibres achieve a multitude of desirable fabric effects.
  • Can be used to create flame faux furs for use in the home, which can pass British Standard 5852 cigarette and match test.
  • Kanecaron fibres for pile fabrics are antimony free.
  • Superior alternative to acrylic in terms of handle, drape and technical specification of the fabric.
  • Realistic, lightweight, beautiful alternative to real fur, perfect for fashion applications - without the guilt.
  • Suitable for imitating mink, fox, chinchilla, rabbit, weasel, beaver and down.